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Lender CRM

Lender Software


Lender CRM

This is already designed and ready for lenders and loan management so that you can see everything in one place. You can see precisely what is happening on your case with simple clear information, down to the latest actions. If you are a traditional, bridging, development or P2P lender or other lender type, the system is optimised for these types of business.

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Client Management
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Client Management

​Notes, to-dos, task diary, loan information, security information, valuations and more, are stored centrally and enables your team to quickly find a customer’s position, with supporting documents, notes, information and what is next for this client.  This is also available if required for case tracking, APIs and reports.


Workflow and Tasks

Processes and workflows can be automated and streamlined, resulting in quicker enquiry to AIP and offer times, meaning not only happier clients, but you also beat your competition and tasks never get missed.  Tasks can even prompt and guide the user to produce documents. Attachments and notes can be added to specific tasks.

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Doc Production
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Document Production

Documents, PDFs, attachments, supporting docs and emails can be produced automatically or at a button click and sent from your company email addresses, which are then electronically stored.  The system can handle complex documents that dynamically change depending on the different types of business.


Electronic signature documents (E-Documents)

Get documents out instantly and make your clients lives easier.  No more delays, no more going to the post office with pre-paid postage envelopes.  The replies also go straight back into the system, attached to the case and waiting in the case owner’s diary.

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Loan Servicing
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Loan Servicing

Different algorithms that handle different loan types like simple, compounded, monthly, daily, 365, 360, p2p interest and more.  Generate present, past and future statements. Interest calculated and added automatically.  Additional drawdowns, fees added or deducted or separate from the loan as required.

Central Communications

Centralised Communications

You can go into a case and see the workflow, notes, telephone calls, emails, documents sent, documents received. No more routing through mis-filed, filing cabinets, plus less storage space is required.  Desks no longer have to have lots of missing paper folders.  Diary entries are never missed.

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Audit Logs
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Audit Logs

the system contains audit logs of changes made to all of the main forms and tables.  This means if a change is made or a letter generated or sent, then for compliance, audit and security, you can see what was changed/added, plus who did it and from what location this came from. If it is a training issue, you know who to train.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation (double entry accounting)

(double entry accounting) - Turns hours into minutes.  No need to physically spend hours manually looking through reams of bank statements trying to manually match, search and type up payments for each loan.  Plus each transaction is going to be accurate.  This system is clever enough to link to your bank accounts securely.

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Paperless Office
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Paperless Office - Easier Acces

If a client calls up, you have immediate access to your documents, scanned, attached, drag and drop, and emails which are stored electronically in their original formats.  This means PDFs, Word, Excel documents, images etc can be viewed or also downloaded as PDFs, Word and Excel documents and so on.



The system can produce reports out of the box like Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports based on enquiries, AIPs, offers, completions and more, to advanced reports like Arrears and Redemptions.  The system can also produce full MI management, dashboard, Excel and graphical reports. Diverse and accurate reporting abilities.

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Broker Portal
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Broker / Intermediary/ Membership Tracking

If you deal with brokers, agents or ARs etc, then these can all be managed in the membership platform along with hierarchies and Business Development Managers (BDMs), this means you can clearly understand your business relationship with your brokers.

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