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Increased productivity

Our systems save time, money and human resources. Using our web-based modules, application forms are pushed into the back office system automatically. Quotations (regulated and unregulated) can be generated in minutes. Since everything is stored electronically, including brokers supporting documents, filing cabinets are obsolete. Our automatic payment

management works out what the clients need to pay, when, and/or have not paid on time or are likely to pay late. The workflow diary system tells you what you need to do on each case. Diaries, notes and reports are all at your fingertips.

'IMPACT Lender - the only limit to how your business can benefit, is you.'

We have been developing mortgage software systems, for almost 20 years. 


In fact, some of our staff members have been developing lender systems for over two decades.  Although technology has changed considerably over this time, our systems remain at the cutting edge, developed through sector knowledge and expertise.

Lender Software


Core Features

SAAS - Nothing to install

Our systems are web-based, secure and firewall protected, which means no matter where you are based or have travelled to, as long as you have an internet connection you can access them via a web browser without installing any software. 
The system stores all client data, scanned documents, generated documents, notes and acts as a complete electronic paper file. It even has its own word processor and email sender so you do not need MS Word or Outlook. This means that all the information is on hand wherever you are, including management reports, depending on user access levels. 

Additional modules

Improved completion times

Our systems work around your business needs; reducing unnecessary burdens, human processes and errors, and making completions, much more timely.   By automating work flows and auto-diaries, as well as you being able to diarise tasks and notes, you never need to miss an action or a deadline again.  We even have APIs or Portals so that your clients, brokers and solicitors can get access to parts of the system you want them to access, should you want this.  This means your system is working for you externally, even if you are doing other things or have even left the office. 

Improved time management

Our system keeps track of a client’s current progress by building checks into the system, so that hopefully nothing is ever missed and also so that your staff’s time can be allocated easier with clear targets for each case. For example, you can check if the first charge on a property has been registered, if clients have missed a payment deadline, if a valuation has been instructed or when they were chased last.  The system can make sure key documents are tracked, made available and scanned onto the system.  Up to 80% of admin work can be automated, leaving your staff free to concentrate on great customer service and generating new business.

Improved compliance

The Compliance modules allow you to track what each broker, and staff member has done, and is doing.  Compliance completion checklists ensure that an application progresses to the next stage only when all the relevant compliance checks have been completed.  We have regulated documents such as KFIs and ESIS built into the system and documents are generated at the click of a button; helping to make sure all regulatory elements are met. Certain areas or actions can be restricted to prevent vital processes being skipped, done incorrectly or without the correct level of authorisation.

An audit of your document and case history log

Virtually everything typed in, sent out, scanned in or uploaded is stored in an audit log.  This means that if you need to know the who, what, when and where of a particular action, a simple audit trail will show you. If a user has made a mistake and needs extra training or if someone has committed fraud you can have the information at hand to deal with this. The system also tracks the status changes of each case, which is great for MI and knowing the path a case has taken.  IP addresses can be captured for individuals logging in and these can be locked down if necessary.

Generate your reports at the click of a button

When you need to generate management reports, you can do so, easily, quickly and accurately.  Using our quick reports or web-based systems and modules, we can create any number of reports.  If the data exists in the system, it can be reported on.  Different levels of reporting can be introduced into the system with different levels of access for key people.  This could be a mixture of daily/weekly/monthly reporting through to financial management and investor reports. Graphical reports and exporting to Excel for further analysis and dissection is also possible.

Paperless system

All documents, whether created by the system or scanned in, are stored centrally. There is no need to look for the paper file in your filing cabinets, which is bad on many fronts, data security risk, inefficient, but also time and space heavy.  You also no longer need to photocopy generated documents because the system stores these automatically. Emails, text messages and voice recordings can also be stored within the system. Any documents produced can be emailed out to clients or sent internally whenever you need to, at the touch of a button meaning your environmental impact could be vastly reduced. 

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